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Republika Srpska APH Elementary Contest Entry by APH-Slovenija Republika Srpska APH Elementary Contest Entry by APH-Slovenija
It is 6pm on the 5th of January here, therefore I'm not late. Right?
My skin colour pencil keeps on breaking, so I just left the original drawing white, but I put the base colours of her skin (top circle), hair (middle circle) and eyes (bottom circle) on the picture. Sorry ^^; 

22/2/2014 EDIT: I gave her a middle name, made some slight changes. And as blatant advertising I'll say that I created an account for her and the Federation of BiH, here: s-evdalinka

Name: Lejla Milica Kovačević
Nicknames: Her older brother calls her Mili.
Represents: Republika Srpska / Bosnian Serb Republic (I wonder what Republika Srpska is classified under; probably cities and states yet at the same time she isn't really a state or province or city...she's a political entity.)
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Subject(s): Reception & Theatre

Personality: Lejla is a girl who doesn't really speak up a lot. Normally she'll just take any orders given to her without question, unless they go against what she stands for. She isn't one who smiles, and comes off as cold and unfriendly. She only really opens up around the people she feels she is close to, which is practically just her brother Serbia. (I am assuming Serbia is her brother here. Because she is after all the Bosnian Serb Republic.) She doesn't really have a sense of humor, but when she does find something funny, which is rare, normally no one else thinks that it is amusing. Lejla isn't an attention seeker, however she laments every now and then that she is rather unnoticed by others, and if anyone has an impression on her it's probably bad.

Appearance: Lejla is a simple looking girl. She has straight bangs that are swept slightly to the side, an her hair get curlier at the bottom. She has dark brown hair and greyish-brown eyes.

Strengths: Lejla can sing and dance a little too, but in terms of dancing she's nowhere near as good as some other dancers in Theatre. It is hard to tell what she's thinking, which she enjoys to use to her advantage. Lejla is a very neat and tidy person, and she likes seeing things kept in good, clean condition. (This is a reference to BiH's current unspoiled nature; so naturally she likes keeping stuff clean.)

Flaws: Lejla sometimes acts without thinking. She isn't good at making resolute decisions either. In fact, that's the reason why she is in the Reception subject. She chose it at that time she couldn't decide which subject to choose. Now, she wonders if she should have chosen another subject instead. She's stubborn to some extent and isn't in a good mood very often, most of the time snapping at other people even if she didn't mean to. Although she isn't shy she has rather low self-esteem, therefore she has a tendency to remain silent when she can. She also has an unfathomable temper -- you never know when she's going to get really upset and yell at you. (I always felt the predictability of an entity's temper was based on how safe that place was; in Republika Srpska's case, there are still many landmines around so it's rather dangerous.) 

Likes: Lejla likes to sing, especially sevdalinkas. As mentioned above, she enjoys seeing and keeping things clean. She also likes to deliver things to the Gym as she feels inclined to check on her brother from time to time. And she likes coffee.

Dislikes: She especially hates it when people judge her, or when people boss her around. She doesn't like it when people try getting her to be more sociable, she interprets this as being forceful and pushy.  She also dislikes and stays away from loud places.

Relations (I only did those she'd probably interact with):

Alfred: Lejla does not like this person, and the feelings are mutual. Lejla finds him loud and pesky, also thinking that Alfred makes her out to be a bad person. Alfred likewise does not have a good impression of her.

Kyle: Lejla hasn't spoken much to him. She admires the fact that he is so good around animals.

Matthew: Lejla finds him very soft-spoken, and since neither take the effort to approach each other they don't know each other well. But she doesn't mind him, and wonders how Alfred and Matthew are brothers. 

Li Xiao: Naturally they haven't interacted much although they are in the same subject because Li Xiao is also very quiet.

Maricela: It was after Lejla found out that Maricela used to be in the Cafeteria subject before coming to Reception that she started thinking about the possibility of changing subjects. As such, Lejla started asking Maricela if she is doing badly in her duties, bu Maricela reassures her that she is doing perfectly fine. 

Cerise: Although lively and outgoing, Lejla doesn't dislike Cerise, sometimes wondering if her life would be different if she behaved more like Cerise.

Yong Soo: Lejla thinks he is loud too but she doesn't really dislike him or stay away from him as Yong Soo is okay to her.

Mei: Lejla finds the girl very friendly and likes it when she is around. Sometimes Mei tries cracking jokes to make her laugh.

Zoran: Her older brother, (I hope you're okay with Lejla being his younger sister.) Lejla is closest to him and will always take his side in any argument. She wanted to go to the Gym subject at first to stick around her brother but later decided otherwise because she didn't think it would fit her. Around Zoran she talks and smiles a lot more.

Valon: Of course Lejla would dislike the rival of her brother.

Roderich: Lejla is okay with him. He's helped her once before, so her impression on him is quite good. They discuss musical arrangements over coffee. 

Arthur: Although he isn't the loud kind, something about him just makes Lejla feel slightly annoyed, but she just can't put her finger on it. She's heard Cerise mention him before. Actually, Lejla doesn't dislike him, she's just annoyed about how Arthur and Francis are always arguing.

Francis: Pretty much the same impression on him as Arthur: not loud but annoying because the two argue too much. She however find his laugh sort of unnerving.

Joao: Lejla feels that he gives off a "secretly wise beyond his years" aura, and she pointed that out to him once when she had first joined Theatre as a thirteen-year-old. She's been rather worried about him since his brother Antonio's disappearance. (I'm just assuming they're brothers)

Vasilica: The two are on pretty good terms.

I faved and advertised the journal on another account:
<da:thumb id="405925836">
I also just discovered the existence of this song recently called "Lejla", and it was a Eurovision entry. From BiH. What a creepy coincidence O.o

Republika Srpska / Lejla Milica Kovačević © Yours Truly, butterkuppas (I am submitting it on my RP account Kraljica-z-desne)
Elementary AU © :melonstyle:
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angelliyesmadirector Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I like this entry. Good luck~
X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Maricela looks so cute in your style. =D
melondramatics Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
I find it interesting how you've personified the political entity! Cuz with my Bosnia and Herzegovina OCs, I sort of have them each 'lead' one of the two main political entities. Herzegovina's region is more Repuplika Srpska, so I sway her more towards that group, while Bosnia's the other one, which seems to be the more prominent government (and Bosnia's intended to be more of the main representative than Herzegovina is, so lol)

sob forgive me for that ramble, I just found it interesting-- and I like this entry, so thanks for entering!
APH-Slovenija Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
((I initially had that same idea too, i.e. Bosnia = Federation of BiH while Herzegovina = Republika Srpska, but since like about slightly less than half of the land of Republika Srpska was in the northern part of Bosnia I felt it would be better for me to portray the political entities instead of geographically because of the spread of the ethnicities. also for the sake of me being less confused.
Plus, I checked out your Bosnia and Herzegovina and your Bosnia seems to have a similar personality to my Federation of BiH :)
No worries about rambling, I do that all the time lol. Thanks!))
Pearin Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, I like the nifty little mini-jacket thing you've got going on. 8D
Good luck in the contest, doll!
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